Sun Cluster Geographic Edition 3.1 2006Q4 Release Notes

Known Issues and Bugs

The following known issues and bugs affect the operation of the Sun Cluster Geographic Edition 3.1 2006Q4 release.

Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Infrastructure Might Remain Offline After a Cluster Reboot (6218200)

Problem Summary: The Sun Cluster Geographic Edition infrastructure might remain offline after a cluster is rebooted. This is a timing issue, due to the lack of synchronization between the startup of Sun Cluster Geographic Edition software and the startup of the common agent container.

Workaround: Once the cluster is rebooted, start the Sun Cluster Geographic Edition software by issuing the command geoadm start.

No RBAC Support for SunPlex Manager (6226493)

Problem Summary: SunPlex Manager does not support RBAC.

Workaround: Invoke SunPlex Manager as superuser on the local cluster.

SunPlex Manager Requires Same Root Password on Partner Clusters (6260505)

Problem Summary: To use the SunPlex Manager GUI, the root password must be the same on all nodes of both clusters in the Sun Cluster Geographic Edition deployment.

Workaround: If you use SunPlex Manager to configure your clusters, ensure that the root password is the same on every node of both clusters. If you prefer to not set the root password identically on all nodes, use the command-line interface to configure your clusters.

A Custom Heartbeat Must Exist on Both the Remote and Local Cluster Before the Heartbeat Can Join a Partnership (6263692)

Problem Summary: If a partnership is created on a remote cluster by using a custom heartbeat, then a heartbeat by the same name must exist on the local cluster before it can join the partnership. You cannot create a heartbeat by using the GUI, so the appropriate heartbeat will not be available to choose on the Join Partnership page.

Workaround: Use the command-line interface (CLI) to create the custom heartbeat, and then use either the CLI or SunPlex Manager to join the partnership.

Resource Group Attributes UNAVAILABLE From the Resource Group mbean (6302146)

Problem Summary: The geopg validate command fails, saying that it could not retrieve the resource group information for an existing resource group.

Workaround: Update the resource group properties to cause an update of the resource group mbean.

SunPlex Manager Does Not Always Refresh Protection Group Status Change (6302217)

Problem Summary: Configuration and state changes of entities on a page displayed in SunPlex Manager should cause the page to be refreshed automatically. Sometimes the refresh does not take place.

Workaround: Use the navigation tree to navigate to a different page, then return to the original page. The page will be refreshed on reload.

tcp_udp_plugin Reports No_Response on Cluster Start (6412025)

Problem Summary: When restarting the clusters, the heartbeat is in the Degraded state and the plug-in tcp_udp_plugin is in the No_Response state. On the partner cluster, the process tcp_udp_resp does not exist.

Workaround: Restart the tcp_udp_resp process on the partner cluster by issuing pkill -9 tcp_udp_resp on the partner cluster.

Neither geoadm start Nor geoadm stop Functions Properly When Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Resources are in the STOP_FAILED State (6446765)

Problem Summary: It is possible that certain unusual configuration errors might leave the cluster in a state where the Sun Cluster Geographic Edition framework can neither be started (geoadm start) nor cleanly stopped (geoadm stop).

Workaround: It is most likely that a Sun Cluster Geographic Edition infrastructure resource is in the STOP_FAILED state. To clear the STOP_FAILED state, take the following actions:

  1. Use the scstat -g command to determine which resources and resource groups are affected.

  2. Clear the STOP_FAILED flag for all resources and resource groups that are in the STOP_FAILED state by using the following command for each:

    # scswitch -c -j resource —h nodename -f STOP_FAILED
  3. Manually stop the application that failed to stop.

    For example, if an ora lsnr failed to stop, then stop it fully. Ignore this step if the affected resources are Sun Cluster Geographic Edition infrastructure only.

  4. If necessary, stop the resource groups.

    • If a resource failed to stop during a resource-group stop, then the resource group remains in the STOP_FAILED state and you must stop it by using the following command:

      # scswitch -F -g resourcegroup
    • If the resources failed to stop during a restart of the resource or while the resource was being disabled, ignore this step.

  5. Retry the geoadm stop command.

geopg get Reports a Failure And Also Reports That Replication Did Occur (6456555)

Problem Summary: The geopg get command sometimes reports a failure even though replication was successful. When replicating a protection group from the partner cluster, geopg get failed with the following message:

# geopg get -s partnershipname protectiongroupname 
Operation failed for the following protection groups:
    Permission denied: configuration is locked by cluster clustername.
    Retry the operation after a while.
    Protection group protectiongroupname has been replicated from 
        the partner cluster clustername, but validation failed.

In some cases, geoadm status also reports the synchronization status of the protection group in Error.

If you issue the geopg get command again, it is rejected because the protection group has already be replicated on the local cluster.

Workaround: Resynchronize the protection group with the partner cluster by using the following command:

# geopg update protectiongroupname

Then revalidate the protection group by using the following command:

# geopg validate protectiongroupname

java.lang.Exception Encountered When Using geopg set-prop (6445366)

Problem Summary: If the description property value includes unquoted spaces, a java.lang.Exception is thrown.

Workaround: Place quotes around description values that require spaces.

gchb_resd Dumps Core During geoadm start After Software is Removed and Reinstalled (6473292)

Problem Summary: If you use pkgrm to remove the Sun Cluster Geographic Edition software, the gchb_resd process might be left running. In this case, if you then reinstall, the process crashes.

Workaround: None needed. The gchb_resd process restarts automatically.