Sun Java System Portal Server Mobile Access 7.1 Administration Guide

Using Session Initiation Protocol

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) allows users to access your portal site using Voice over IP (VoIP) from any computer equipped with a microphone and speakers.

To enable this, you must install a SIP software-based phone to communicate with the voice server. Pingtel has a SIP-enabled software-based phone application, InstantExpressa, which can be used for this purpose. A number of public domain SIP-based phones are available on the Internet.

To set up a system for SIP access, perform the following steps:

ProcedureTo Setup a System for SIP Access:

  1. Locate the computer that will be used to communicate with Portal Server software. Ensure that it can communicate with your voice server using the SIP protocol. You may need to configure your firewall to open the SIP ports.

  2. Install a SIP-based phone on this computer, and test it by connecting to a SIP service, if available. Many SIP-based phones include simple test servers that you can install for testing purposes.

  3. Refer to the section Installing a Nuance Voice Web Server on page 58 to install the Nuance components.