Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 1 Release Notes


The following table lists the known issues in the localized version of Web Server.

Table 15 Known Issues in Localization

Problem ID 



Multi-byte characters in headers can not be retrieved by req.getHeader().

The characters are not parsed correctly, when request.getHeader() is called.


There is no functionality equivalent to use-responseCT-for-headers in Web Server 7.0.

Response header encoding is enabled at the web-app level by setting the value of the configuration parameter use-responseCT-for-headers to any of the values; yes, true, or on in the web-app/sun-web.xml file.

For example, set Response header encoding as follows: 

<parameter-encoding form-hint-field="j_encoding"/>
<property name="use-responseCT-for-headers" value="true" />


On Windows and HP-UX, file handle is not released by webservd process under certain conditions.

  1. Access the Web Server Admin Console through the login URL.

  2. Select the 'Configuration' tab from the administration page.

  3. Select a configuration link, and then select the 'Virtual Server' link.

  4. Set 'Negotiate Client Language' to enabled and note your language, such as "zh-CN".

  5. Click the 'Save' button.

  6. Restart Web Server by clicking the 'Deployment pending' link in the Admin Console or manually.

  7. In Internet Explorer, type a nonexistent URL, for example, http://yourmachine/xyz.

    The "page not found" is displayed in Internet Explorer 6.

Expected Result: The "Not found" page should be displayed correctly in Internet Explorer instead of the "page not found" error.  


Search filter “*” does not work correctly for multi-byte strings.


On Windows 2003, when a command is executed from the CLI, the message is not encoded correctly.


The hardcoded message "ADMIN3594: Configuration changes require a server restart" is not localized.


In the Japanese locale online help, the description about the PAM for "Editing Authentication Databases" incorrectly states the name of Directory Server.  

The description must be read as: "Editing Authentication Databases" PAM -- PAM is the new auth-db supported by Sun Java System Web Server 7.0.  


Search collection subdirectory with leading slash causes confusing error. 

When you try to create a search collection and set the document root subdirectory with a leading slash, the error message produced wrongly informs you that a slash at the beginning is needed. 


Inconsistent wording found in Directory listing type. 

The sentence "Error response file to use when indexing is None" should be changed to "Error response file to use when listing is None". 


The word "Other" in the list of countries is not translated. 


In the Add Documents window, Included checkbox for subdirectory is not translated.