Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 1 Release Notes


The following table lists the known issues in the core of Web Server.

Table 5 Known Issues in Core

Problem ID 



When there is an error executing an obj.conf directive, the filename and line number where the offending directive was found are not logged.


When server.xml schema validation fails due to a data type constraint violation, it displays an error message that does not describe the set of valid values for the element.


All HTTP header parsing error are not logged with the client IP and a description of the error.


set-variable SAF could not set predefined variable.


service-nsfc-dump entry hit counts are 0 with <replacement>false</replacement>.

If <replacement>false</replacement> is specified in server.xml file, entry hit counts show as 0 in the service-nsfc-dump output. However, the cache hit counts are displayed correctly.


Server treats non-interpolated strings that contain $$ character constants as interpolated.

When a parameter value contains a $$ escape, the server constructs a PblockModel for the parameter block. This is unnecessary because $$ is a constant.


'external' expression function with quoted path is not working.


On HP-UX, SNMP fails for some oid values.


Due to lack of the HP-UX API support and complexity, network in and out traffic statistics is not implemented. Use HP tools for monitoring the traffic statistics. 


On HP-UX 11.11, Web Server fails to start when max heap size is 2048 MBytes or greater.


  1. Ensure that patch PHKL_28428 or its updated version is present on the system. If it is not present, install the patch.

  2. Type the following commands before starting the Web Server:

    • For 1500 MBytes to 2400 MBytes of Java heap: Type the following command before starting the Web Server:

      chatr +q3p enable /opt/sun/webserver7/lib/webservd

    • For 2400 MBytes to 3.8 GBytes of Java heap: type the following command before starting the Web Server:

      chatr +q3p enable +q4p enable /opt/sun/webserver7/lib/webservd

  3. Start the server.

    /opt/sun/webserver7/lib is the default location of the webservd binary.