Sun Java System Reference Configuration Series: Portal Service on Application Server Cluster

ProcedureTo Start and Verify Access Manager on am1

The following procedure confirms that Access Manager has been installed by starting the Access Manager Console login page.

  1. Check that Application Server is running.

    # netstat -an | grep 80

  2. If Application Server is not running, start it.

    # /opt/SUNWappserver/appserver/bin/asadmin start-domain --user admin domain1

    When prompted, type the app-server-admin-password.

  3. Verify the operation of Access Manager on am1.

    1. Start a browser.

    2. Open the Access Manager Console login page:

      The login page opens.

    3. Log in to the Access Manager Console by typing the following values and clicking Login.

      Input Field 


      User ID 




      The Access Manager Console opens, which confirms that Access Manager is deployed and running in the web container.