Sun Java System Reference Configuration Series: Portal Service on Application Server Cluster

ProcedureTo Configure Access Manager as a Load-Balanced Server Site

To implement Access Manager session persistence, you define what is called a load-balanced Access Manager site. Once a site is defined and configured, Access Manager automatically sets the value of a cookie, with the default name of amlbcookie, to be equal to the instance ID of the Access Manager instance that first authenticates an Access Manager client request.

The instance ID is defined at the moment the instance is created. For example, the Access Manager instance created on am1.pstest.comwill have an instance ID equal to 01 because this is the first instance created.

  1. Start a browser.

  2. Go to the Access Manager Console login page.

    The Access Manager Console login page opens.

  3. Log in to the Access Manager Console by typing the following values and clicking Login.


    Input Value 

    User ID 




    The Access Manager Console opens.

  4. Modify the organization properties as follows:

    1. In the Identity Management tab, select the Organizations view.

      The Organizations section is displayed in the right pane.

    2. In the Organizations section, locate the General Properties and the list of Organization Aliases.

    3. In the list of Organization Aliases, add the following value:

    4. Click Save.

      The following message is displayed: "The organization properties have been saved."

  5. In the Access Manager Console, navigate to the load balancer setup information.

    1. Click the Service Configuration tab.

      The Service Configuration tab displays a list of services that you can configure.

    2. In the Service Configuration tab, locate the Service Name list in the left pane.

    3. In the Service Name list, locate Platform. Click the arrow to the right of Platform.

      The configuration options for the Platform service are displayed in the right pane.

    4. In the list of configuration options, locate the section for Global options.

    5. Locate the entry field for the Site List and type the following value:|10

      where 10 is an arbitrary site number.

    6. Click Add.

      The load balancer's name is added to the Site List.

    7. Click Save.

      The following message is displayed: "The service properties have been saved."

  6. Under the Site List, locate the Server List, and in the server list locate the Instance Name.

    Do the following:

    1. Add|02|10

    2. Add|01|10

    3. Remove|01

    4. Remove|02

    5. Click Save.

      Your changes are saved.