Sun Java System Reference Configuration Series: Portal Service on Application Server Cluster

ProcedureTo Configure Directory Server Instances for Load Balancing

Timeout problems can arise when a load balancer (or firewall) is placed between Access Manager and Directory Server, as explained in Setting Connection Timeouts for Access Manager . To prevent such problems, set the idle timeout for the Directory Server connections that are used by Access Manager to a value less than the idle timeout value of the load balancer (or firewall).

To perform this procedure, an amldapuser entry must exist in the directory. However, this entry is not created until you deploy Access Manager, as documented in Implementation Module 2: Access Manager Running on Application Server. You therefore must set the Directory Server idle timeout value after you install and configure Access Manager.

For this reason, the procedure for setting the idle timeout for Directory Server connections used by Access Manager is documented in Module 2.

  1. See the procedure in To Configure the Connection Timeout of the Directory Service .