Sun Java System Reference Configuration Series: Portal Service on Application Server Cluster

Appendix A Downloading the Software Distribution

The Portal Service on Application Server Cluster reference configuration uses features that are available in Portal Server 7.1, Update 2. This appendix provides instructions for downloading the Java Enterprise System (Java ES) 5 Update 1 software distribution, which contains Portal Server 7.1, Update 2 and all the other Java ES components that are used in the reference configuration.

Download Procedure

The following procedure describes how to download Java ES 5 Update 1 to a working directory, from which specific Java ES components can be installed.

ProcedureTo Download the Software Distribution

The following steps can be performed on any computer on which you want to install Java ES components.

  1. Create a directory for the distribution.

    # mkdir /portdist_71u2

  2. Navigate to the new directory.

    # cd /portdist_71u2

  3. In a browser running on the local host go to the following URL:

  4. Click Get the Product Now.

    The Sun's Software Portfolio page opens.

  5. Select Sun Java Enterprise System and click Get Downloads & Media.

  6. Log in to the Download Center.

    Type your user ID and password, and click OK.

    If necessary, create a new Download Center account and then log in.

    The Download Center opens.

  7. Review the license agreement and click Accept License Agreement.

    The page acknowledges that you accepted the license agreement.

  8. Locate and then click the link for the Solaris OS distribution.

    • SPARC: If you are using SPARC hardware, as specified in the reference configuration, use the following link:

      Java ES 5 Update 1 Integrated Installer, Multi-language [].

    • x86: If you are using x86 hardware, use the following link:

      Java ES 5 Update 1 Integrated Installer, Multi-language []

    The download begins, and might take a few minutes to complete..

  9. When the download completes, unzip the downloaded file.

    # unzip /portdist_71u2/

    where arch is either sparc or x86.

    You are ready to begin the installation procedure.