Sun Java System Reference Configuration Series: Portal Service on Application Server Cluster

Access Manager Console

The Access Manager Console is the simplest tool to use to provision individual users for portal services.

ProcedureTo Provision a Single Portal Service User

The following procedure provisions a Developer Sample user, dsuser1, using the Access Manager Console.

  1. Log in to the Access Manager Console if you are not already logged in.

    1. Start a browser.

    2. Go to the Access Manager Console login page using the load balancer URL:

      The Access Manager Console login page opens.

    3. Log in to the Access Manager Console by typing the following values and clicking Login..

      Input Field 


      User ID 




      The Access Manager Console opens.

  2. Click on the DeveloperSample link.

    The link is found in the left pane under Organizations.

    The DeveloperSample organization opens in the right pane.

  3. View DelveloperSample users.

    Select Users in the View pull-down menu in the left pane.

  4. Define a new user.

    1. Click New

      The New User wizard opens in the right pane.

    2. Enter the user name and password.

    3. Select the services desired.

      For example, if you select portal1Desktop, the new user will be able to log in and view the portal desktop.

      d. Click Finish.

      The New User wizard closes and the new user entry is saved.