Sun Java System Reference Configuration Series: Portal Service on Application Server Cluster

Not Supported: Access Manager Internal Configuration for Multiple Directory Server Instances

Access Manager supports, by way of post-installation configuration, multiple LDAP directories for each Access Manger service. In this way, Access Manager can detect failure of a primary Directory Server instance and fail over to an standby instance. This built-in mechanism has several drawbacks:

By contrast, the modular architecture of Fig 2-2 has the following advantages:

Note –

In the multimaster replication approach of Figure 2-2, write operations are synchromized between directory instances. In environments with many write operations, the overhead of the multimaster replication process can slow down Directory Server processing of client requests. In these situations, the best approach is to direct all write operations to a single master by placing a Directory Proxy Server instance in front of each Directory Server instance. Such situations are not common in portal service deployments, so the reference configuration does not include Directory Proxy Server.