Sun Java System Message Queue 3.7 Update 2 Release Notes

Combining Platform and Enterprise Features in One Edition

In an effort to streamline our product delivery, we are combining the Platform and Enterprise Edition of Sun Java Message Queue. Beginning with Message Queue 3.7 UR1, there will only be a single edition available, which effectively removes the feature restrictions in the stand-alone distribution. We hope this will simplify your experience with this product.

Combining editions also aligns Message Queue better with Solaris Enterprise System and provides a perpetual broad-based right to use Enterprise Edition features, with no support, maintenance, or indemnity. As with previous releases, we will continue to offer several licensing options for support and maintenance services. Message Queue will continue to be packaged with Java Enterprise System and the Application Platform Suite. Please check the online store at or consult your sales representative to find an option that best suits your needs. The next table describes the upgrade paths to the new single edition of Message Queue.

Table 1–2 Upgrade Paths for Message Queue 3.7 UR1

Prior Edition 

Upgrade Path 


Platform Edition 

Sun Java System Message Queue 3.7 UR1 

All features (Platform and Enterprise) are now available to 3.7 UR1 customers. Support options are available with license purchase.  

Enterprise Edition 

Sun Java System Message Queue 3.7 UR1 

No feature changes. A range of licensing and support options are available. 

Platform Edition support contracts 

Upgrade to Enterprise Edition support contract 

Existing support contracts for prior releases of Platform Edition will continue to be renewed. No new Platform Edition contracts will be issued for prior Platform Edition releases. 

Enterprise Edition support contracts 

No change 

Existing contracts will continue to be renewed. New contracts will be issued. 

The following table describes the changes in delivery sources for various Message Queue products.

Table 1–3 Changes in Delivery Sources for Message Queue Products


Prior Delivery Source 

New Delivery Source 


Open Message Queue 

Not applicable 

Sun download center product page 

Standalone download. Community support only. No support contracts available. 

Message Queue Platform Edition 

Sun download center via the Message Queue product page 

No longer available 

Only the single edition of Message Queue that combines Platform and Enterprise features is now available. 

Message Queue Enterprise Edition trial (via Platform Edition) 

Sun download center via the Message Queue product page 

Trial license no longer needed 

No longer needed 

Message Queue Enterprise Edition 90 day Trial (via Java Enterprise System download or CD) 

Java Enterprise System download center, prior to version 3 GA (March 2006) 

Solaris Enterprise System download center 

Solaris Enterprise System license. Support options are available with product license. (A 90 day trial license is no longer needed.) 

Message Queue Enterprise Edition via SunStore, CD, individual license, Java Enterprise System license, Suite license, delivered via Java Enterprise System 

Java Enterprise System or Suite download center, media 

Solaris Enterprise System or Suite download center, media fulfillment 

No change.