Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.2 Release Notes

Bugs Fixed in Directory Server 6.2

This section lists the bugs fixed since the last release of Directory Server.


After installing from the zip distribution on Solaris and Linux, Directory Server does not appear through SNMP after the Common Agent Container, cacao, is restarted.


When changing LDAP passwords by using the password change extended operation, the current password of the account is required even if pwdSafeModify is off.


On Windows 2003 systems, do not use software installed with dsee_deploy from the zip distribution in the German locale.


After running db2ldif or ldif2db, the new changelog is created but the old changelog is not removed.


When replication is enabled, ns-slapd crashes .


Migrating a Directory Server 5.1 master to 6.x displays an error.


Some of the jar files loaded in lockhart are not upgraded after applying 125310-02 and 125278-02 patches.


The dsconf create-plugin -Y pwdstoragescheme command adds the plug-in entry with incorrect DN