Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.2 Release Notes

Bugs Fixed in Identity Synchronization for Windows

This section lists the bugs fixed since the last release of Identity Synchronization for Windows.


Identity Synchronization for Windows must support Group Synchronization between Active Directory and Directory Server.


If the LDAP database is configured with subsuffix chaining, Identity Synchronization for Windows cannot be used to modify records of the chained database. Users can only create and delete entries in the chained database. All the operations, including creation, deletion, and update, are possible if the plug-in is not loaded.


The secondary failover server in a failover setup must have o=NetscapeRoot DIT to configure the server.


The command prepds throws errors for multiple hosts options in a multi-master replication setup. As a result, users cannot perform the multi-master replication setup.


Information on Linux is missing in the list of supported platforms in the TO DO list when installing Identity Synchronization for Windows.


Account lockout and activation synchronization is not performed with the new password policy attributes.


Group Type mapping for synchronization between Active Directory and Directory Server should be implemented.


Identity Synchronization for Windows does not properly map user name attributes for groups.


Identity Synchronization for Windows does not check if the Group and Group members belong the same SUL.


Identity Synchronization for Windows fails to synchronize the user Creation, Modification, and Deletion from Secondary Masters to Windows Active Directory, when the Primary Master is down.


Identity Synchronization for Windows does not synchronize the user creation, modification, or deletion from Directory Server to Active Directory. The issue occurs when the primary and the Nth secondary, in a list of secondary hosts, are down.


Administration user created by Identity Synchronization for Windows is redundant as the administration user is no longer used. Creation of uid=admin user should be removed.


Identity Synchronization for Windows throws errors on clicking the Directory Information Tree to access the Directory Server console.


Identity Synchronization for Windows installer prompts for restart of Directory Server even when the configure Directory Server plug-in option is not selected.


The command line usage for Identity Synchronization for Windows erroneously references link users in the command line usage.


Uninstall program should prompt the user to uninstall Administration Server manually.


Administration Server is not listed in the list of components that are installed by the Identity Synchronization for Windows installer.


Active Directory connectors and Directory Server connectors crash when an attempt is made to synchronize nested groups as such synchronization is not currently supported.


On Linux, the administration server configuration fails and the administration server does not start after installation along with Identity Synchronization for Windows.


On Linux, running the resync command in SSL mode between Directory Server and Active Directory sources fails.