Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.2 Deployment Planning Guide

Directory Server Resource Kit

The Directory Server Resource Kit provides tools and application programming interfaces (APIs) for deploying, accessing, tuning, and maintaining Directory Server Enterprise Edition. These utilities help to implement and maintain more robust LDAP-based solutions.

Performance testing and capacity planning tools help administrators to measure performance and to perform capacity planning on installations of Directory Server Enterprise Edition. Debugging and maintenance tools help with troubleshooting as well as daily maintenance of Directory Server Enterprise Edition. Deployment utilities and tools facilitate the rollout of new installations of Directory Server Enterprise Edition and migration to new releases. LDAP productivity tools include sample LDAP applications that were developed using Directory Server Enterprise Edition.

In addition, Sun has developed SLAMD, a powerful load-generation testing application that includes all the tests needed to thoroughly performance-test Directory Server Enterprise Edition applications. SLAMD is available free of charge at