Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.2 Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Delete a Directory Proxy Server Instance From the Command Line

  1. (Optional) If you have used DSCC to manage the server instance, remove registration for the server.

    $ dsccreg remove-server -h dscchost /local/dps
    Enter DSCC administrator's password:
    /local/dps is an instance of DPS
    Enter password of "cn=Proxy Manager" for /local/dps:
    Unregistering /local/dps from DSCC on dscchost.
    Connecting to /local/dps
    Disabling DSCC access to /local/dps

    For details, see dsccreg(1M)

  2. Delete the server instance.

    $ dpadm delete /local/dps
    Directory Proxy Server instance '/local/dps' stopped
    Directory Proxy Server instance '/local/dps' removed.
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After you have removed all server instances on the system, you can proceed to Software Removal.