Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.2 Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Use Directory Server With Cryptographic Hardware on a Solaris 10 System

Before You Begin

This procedure is designed for use with Sun Crypto Accelerator hardware. Perform the following procedure as the same user who runs the Directory Server instance.

  1. Set the PIN used to access the cryptographic framework with the pktool setpin command.

  2. Export the current Directory Server certificate to a PKCS#12 file.

    The following command shows how to perform this step if the Directory Server instance is located under /local/ds/.

    $ dsadm export-cert -o cert-file /local/ds defaultCert
  3. Configure Directory Server to use the appropriate token when accessing the key material.

    Typically, the token is Sun Metaslot.

    $ dsconf set-server-prop 'ssl-rsa-security-device:Sun Metaslot'
  4. Stop Directory Server.

    $ dsadm stop /local/ds
  5. (Optional) If you have no other certificates in the existing certificate database for the Directory Server instance, remove the certificate database.

    $ rm -f /local/ds/alias/*.db

    This optional step ensures that no certificates are stored in the software database.

  6. Create a new certificate database backed by the Solaris cryptographic framework.

    If you did not remove the certificate database, you do not need to run the modutil -create line in this example.

    $ /usr/sfw/bin/64/modutil -create -dbdir /local/ds/alias -dbprefix slapd-
    $ /usr/sfw/bin/64/modutil -add "Solaris Kernel Crypto Driver" -libfile \
     /usr/lib/64/ -dbdir /local/ds/alias -dbprefix slapd-
    $ /usr/sfw/bin/64/modutil -enable "Solaris Kernel Crypto Driver" \
     -dbdir /local/ds/alias -dbprefix slapd-
  7. Import the PKCS#12 certificate that you exported.

    $ /usr/sfw/bin/64/pk12util -i cert-file \
     -d /local/ds/alias -P slapd- -h "Sun Metaslot"
    $ /usr/sfw/bin/64/certutil -M -n "Sun Metaslot:defaultCert" -t CTu \
     -d /local/ds/alias -P slapd-

    If your accelerator board has a FIPS 140-2 keystore, make sure the private key is generated on the device. Sun Crypto Accelerator 4000 and 6000 boards have FIPS 140-2 keystores, for example. The exact process depends on the board.

  8. Create a password file that contains the PIN needed to access the cryptographic framework.

    $ echo "Sun Metaslot:password" > /local/ds/alias/slapd-pin.txt
  9. Start Directory Server.

    $ dsadm start /local/ds