Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.2 Installation Guide

Upgrading Shared Components

For Directory Server Enterprise Edition to work properly you must upgrade the shared components.

You can upgrade the shared components using any of the following procedures:

ProcedureUpgrading Shared Components Using Java ES Installer

Before You Begin

You must be root to perform this procedure.

You can use the Java ES installer to upgrade the shared components only on Solaris and Linux .

  1. Start the Java ES installer.

    # ./installer

    After the Welcome and License Agreement pages are displayed, the component selection page displays. (When installed components are detected that can be directly upgraded by the Java ES installer, they are shown with a status of “upgradable.”)

  2. Select the All Shared Components check box in the component selection page.

  3. Confirm your choice.

    All shared components will be upgraded.

  4. Finish installing the shared components using the Java ES installer.

ProcedureUpgrading Shared Components Using Patches

Before You Begin

You must be root to perform this procedure.

Using patches, you can upgrade shared components on Solaris, Linux, and Windows.

On Linux, to install patches you must use installpatch, when available.

Select the platform as per your requirements and install all the patches specified for that platform. If newer patch revisions become available, use the newer ones instead of those shown in the table.


Solaris 10 SPARC and Solaris 9 SPARC 

Solaris 10 x86, AMD x64 and Solaris 9 x86 


International Components for Unicode (ICU) 

119810-04 (Solaris 10)

114677-14 (Solaris 9)

119811-04 (Solaris 10)

114678-14 (Solaris 9)


Sun Java Web Console (SJWC) 

125952-05 (Solaris 10)

125950-05 (Solaris 9)

125953-05 (Solaris 10)

125951-05 (Solaris 9)


Network Security Services/Netscape Portable Runtime/Java Security Services (NSS/NSPR/JSS) 




Java Dynamic ManagementTM Kit Runtime




Common Agent Container Runtime 




Sun Java Monitoring Framework (MFWK) 


125446-09 (Solaris 10 64–bit)

125445-09 (Solaris 10 32–bit and Solaris 9 32-bit)


On Windows, before you upgrade Common Agent Container Runtime shared component, you must run the following command:

cacaoadm.exe prepare-uninstall



Windows Installer Patch 


Sun Java Web Console (SJWC) 


Network Security Services/Netscape Portable Runtime/Java Security Services (NSS/NSPR/JSS) 


Common Agent Container Runtime 


Sun Java Monitoring Framework (MFWK) 


  1. Shut down any processes using the shared components.

  2. If applicable, shut down the shared components.

  3. Obtain the latest upgrade patches as shown in the table above.

    For more information on how to obtain the patches, see Getting the Software in Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.2 Release Notes.

  4. Apply the appropriate patches for the shared components.

    Read the README.patchID file for detailed patch installation procedures.

  5. Verify that the patch upgrades were successful.

    Read the README.patchID file for verification procedure.

  6. If applicable, restart the shared components.