Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.2 Administration Guide

Pass-Through Authentication

Pass-through authentication (PTA) is a mechanism by which bind requests are filtered by bind DN. One Directory Server (the delegator) receives the bind request and, based on the filter, can consult another Directory Server (the delegate) to authenticate bind requests. As part of this functionality, the PTA plug-in enables the delegator Directory Server to accept simple password-based bind operations for entries that are not necessarily stored in its local database.

The PTA plug-in is also used by DSCC for private communication with the server. When a server instance is registered in DSCC, the PTA plug-in is enabled and the DSCC URL is added as an argument.

$ dsconf get-plugin-prop -h host -p port "Pass Through Authentication" enabled argument
argument  :  ldap://DSCC_URL:DSCC_PORT/cn=dscc
enabled   :  on

Note –

If possible, avoid modifying the PTA plug-in for your own use. Modifications to the PTA plug-in can cause access problems for DSCC.

If you cannot avoid modifying the PTA plug-in, you must do the following:

If the PTA plug-in is disabled or the DSCC URL is removed from the argument, the server instance will appear as inaccessible in DSCC. If this happens, DSCC will automatically give you the option of resetting the PTA plug-in.