Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.2 Developer's Guide

When to Implement a Server Plug-In

Many Sun Java System Directory Server native product features rely on server plug-ins. Plug-ins are libraries of functions that are registered with the server to perform key parts of specific directory service operations.

The Directory Server plug-in API provides an interface to add server capabilities that are not in the current releases of the product. If you must add server capabilities because a required feature has not yet been implemented, the plug-in API might render that enhancement possible. If you can instead use standard features of the product, avoid creating a plug-in.

Maintaining Plug-Ins

Be aware that creating your own plug-in links your software solution to a specific product release. The plug-in API can evolve from release to release to accommodate new features. As you choose to upgrade to take advantage of new features, you might need to update your Directory Server plug-ins.

You can use the header files with class libraries solely to create and distribute programs to interface with the Software’s APIs. You can also use libraries to create, then distribute program “plug-ins” to interface with the Software’s plug-in APIs. You cannot modify the header files or libraries. You acknowledge that Sun makes no direct or implied guarantees that the plug-in APIs will be backward-compatible in future releases of the Software. In addition, you acknowledge that Sun is under no obligation to support or to provide upgrades or error corrections to any derivative plug-ins.

When providing technical support, Sun technical support personnel request that you reproduce the problem after turning your custom plug-ins off.

Sun Services

Sun Services can help you make the right deployment decisions. Sun Services can also help you to deploy the right solution for your specific situation, whether or not the solution includes custom plug-ins.