Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.2 Developer's Guide

Where to Go From Here

Most of the rest of this guide is devoted to examples that demonstrate the specific plug-in types.

Caution – Caution –

Never develop plug-ins on a production server, but instead on a test server used specifically for plug-in development.

Prepare Your Development Environment

You might not have installed Sun Java System Directory Server software. You might not have installed development software for the C language for use during plug-in development. Install the software now. Without development tools and a functioning Directory Server, you cannot use the examples discussed here.

Learn About Plug-In Development

If you have not yet written a plug-in for the current release, refer to Chapter 4, Getting Started With Directory Server Plug-Ins. The chapter helps you to build a simple plug-in, and to register the plug-in with Directory Server.

Upgrade Existing Plug-Ins

If you maintain plug-ins developed for a previous release of Directory Server, refer to Chapter 2, Changes to the Plug-In API Since Directory Server 5.2 and Chapter 3, Changes to the Plug-In API From Directory Server 4 to Directory Server 5.2 for information about what has changed.

Try a Sample Plug-In

Examples for several plug-in types are provided with the product in install-path/examples Subsequent chapters demonstrate the use of the sample plug-ins.

Find Details

See Part II, Directory Server Plug-In API Reference for details about particular data structures, functions, and parameter block semantics.