Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.2 Developer's Guide


Specifies a filter matching callback function. The server calls this function when processing a search operation, once for each candidate that matches an extensible match search filter.


#include "slapi-plugin.h"
typedef int (*mrFilterMatchFn) (void* filter, Slapi_Entry* entry,
    Slapi_Attr* vals);


The callback takes the following parameters.

Table 15–6 mrFilterMatchFn Parameters




Filter created by your filter factory function. 


Slapi_Entry representing the candidate entry checked by the server.


Slapi_Attr representing the first attribute in the entry.

Call slapi_entry_next_attr() to iterate through the rest of the attributes.


The server calls this filter matching function when processing an extensible match filter using a matching rule plug-in. An extensible match filter specifies either the OID of a matching rule, or an attribute type, or both, that indicates how matching entries are found. For example, a sound-alike matching rule could be implemented to find all entries that sound like a given value.

To handle the extensible match filter for a matching rule, implement both this callback and a filter factor that creates the filter structure, filter. The callback retrieves information about the filter from this structure, such as the attribute type and value, then compares this information with attribute types and values in the candidate entry.


The callback must return 0 if the filter matches, -1 if the filter does not match. On error, it may return an LDAP error code as specified in the Result Message section of RFC 4511, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3).