Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.2 Developer's Guide


(Applies only to filters of the types LDAP_FILTER_EQUALITY, LDAP_FILTER_GE, LDAP_FILTER_LE, LDAP_FILTER_APPROX ) Gets the first filter that makes up the specified filter.


#include "slapi-plugin.h"
Slapi_Filter *slapi_filter_list_first( Slapi_Filter *f );


This function takes the following parameter:


Filter of which you wish to get the first component.


The first filter that makes up the specified filter f.


To iterate through all filters that make up a specified filter, use this function in conjunction with the slapi_filter_list_next() function.

Filters of the type LDAP_FILTER_AND, LDAP_FILTER_OR , and LDAP_FILTER_NOT generally consist of one or more other filters. For example, if the filter is:


the first filter in this list is:


Call this function to get the first filter in the list.

Memory Concerns

No duplication of the filter is done, so this filter should not be freed independently of the original filter.

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