Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.2 Developer's Guide

Ordering Plug-In Calls

Directory Server allows you to define the order in which plug-ins are called. This mechanism is independent of the mechanism that defines plug-in load dependencies.

This mechanism uses a set of attributes on the entry with DN cn=plugins,cn=monitor. Plug-in call ordering is defined for each type of plug-in on attributes whose values are comma-separated lists of plug-in names. Each attribute type name starts with plugin-list- and identifies a point in the server request processing where plug-ins can be called. In the comma-separated list of plug-ins, the first plug-in in the list is called first, the second is called second, and so forth.

For example, six postoperation plug-ins are called after a modify operation. The plugin-list-postoperation-modify attribute on cn=plugins,cn=monitor shows the order in which these six plug-ins are called by the server.

 Class of Service,
 Legacy replication postoperation plugin,
 Multimaster replication postoperation plugin,
 Retrocl postoperation plugin,
 Roles Plugin,
 State Change Plugin

You can also retrieve these attributes by performing a search on the entry with DN cn=plugins,cn=monitor.

To change the order in which plug-ins are called, you must not modify the value of the attribute type starting with plugin-list-. Instead, you must modify the value of a corresponding attribute type starting with plugin-order-, and having the same ending as the plugin-list- attribute.

The full list of plug-in call ordering attribute types is as follows:

For example, if you want to change the order in which postoperation plug-ins are called after a modify, first read plugin-list-postoperation-modify. Next set plugin-order-postoperation-modify, copying plug-in names from the value of plugin-list-postoperation-modify. Then restart Directory Server. Plug-in names are not case—sensitive, but white spaces are taken into account. Unrecognized names are ignored.

With a single asterisk, *, as an item in the comma-separated list, you let Directory Server define the call order for plug-ins you do not identify explicitly.

If you have two postoperation modify plug-ins, the first, Call Me First, and the second, Call Me Last, you could set plugin-list-postoperation-modify as follows:

plugin-order-postoperation-modify: Call Me First,*,Call Me Last

The plug-in name that you specify must be identical to the name argument that is passed to the slapi_register_plugin function. There must also be no white space between the comma delimiter and the adjacent plug-in names, and no white space at the end of the names list.

Plug-ins can remain that you do not explicitly identify by name or implicitly identify using *. Directory Server calls such plug-ins before calling the plug-ins that you listed.