Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.2 Reference

targattrfilters Keyword

The targattrfilters keyword is used in ACIs to target specific attribute values by using LDAP filters. By using the targattrfilters keyword, you can grant or deny permissions on an attribute if that attribute's value meets the criteria defined in the ACI. An ACI that grants or denies access based on an attribute's value, is called a value-based ACI. The targattrfilters keyword uses this syntax:

(targattrfilters="add=attr1:F1 && attr2:F2... && attrn:Fn, \
 del=attr1:F1 && attr2:F2 ... && attrn:Fn")



represents the operation of creating an attribute.


represents the operation of deleting an attribute.


represents the target attributes.


represents filters that apply only to the associated attribute.

The following conditions must be met when filters apply to entries, and those entries are created, deleted or modified:

Example 2–2 Using the targattrfilters Keyword to Allow Users to Add Roles to Their Own Entries

The following ACI allows users to add any role to their own entry, except the superAdmin role. It also allows users to add a telephone number with a 123 prefix.

(targattrfilters="add=nsroleDN:(!(nsRoleDN=cn=superAdmin)) \
 && telephoneNumber:(telephoneNumber=123*)")