Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Update 1 Upgrade Guide for Microsoft Windows

Java ES Release 5U1 Upgrade Roadmap

The following table shows the supported Directory Server upgrade paths to Release 5U1:

Table 3–1 Upgrade Paths to Java ES 5 Update 1: Directory Server 6.2

Java ES Release  

Directory Server Release  

General Approach 

Reconfiguration Required as Part of Upgrade 

Release 5 

Sun Java System Directory Server 6.0 

Maintenance upgrade. Apply patches. 


Release 4 


Direct upgrade of Directory Server from Release 4 to Release 5U1 is not supported. This upgrade path is supported by first upgrading Release 4 Directory Server to Release 5 Directory Server and then upgrading Release 5 to Release 5U1. The information about upgrading Release 4 to Release 5 is documented in Sun Java ES 5 Upgrade Guide for Microsoft Windows.