Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Update 1 Upgrade Guide for Microsoft Windows

Overview of Application Server Upgrades

The following sections describe general aspects of Application Server that affect upgrading to Java ES 5 Update 1:

About Java ES 5 Update 1 Application Server

Release 5U1 Application Server is a maintenance release that fixes bugs in Release 5 Application Server. Release 5 Application Server (Application Server 8.2) was a maintenance release with respect to Release 4 (Application Server 8.1 UR2), including only selected bug fixes. Release 5U1 Application Server is functionally the same as Release 4.

Application Server Upgrade Roadmap

The following table shows the supported Application Server upgrade paths to Java ES 5 Update 1.

Table 9–1 Upgrade Paths to Java ES 5 Update 1: Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.2 Patch2

Java ES Release 

Application Server Release  

General Approach  

Reconfiguration Required 

Release 5 

Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.2 

Maintenance Upgrade. Apply patches.  


Release 4 


Direct upgrade of Application Server from Release 4 to Release 5U1 is not supported. This upgrade path is supported by first upgrading Release 4 Application Server to Release 5 Application Server and then upgrading Release 5 to Release 5U1. The information about upgrading Release 4 to Release 5 is documented in Sun Java ES 5 Upgrade Guide for Microsoft Windows.


Application Server Data

The following table shows the type of data that could be affected by an upgrade of Application Server software.

Table 9–2 Application Server Data Usage

Type of Data  



Environment variables 


Global variables 

Configuration data 


Configuration of Application Server instances 

Deployment data 


Configuration of J2EE container for specific J2EE components and applications 

Application Server Compatibility Issues

Java ES 5 Update 1 Application Server does not introduce any interface changes with respect to Java ES 5.

Application Server Dependencies

Application Server dependencies on other Java ES components can affect the procedure for upgrading and reconfiguring Application Server software. Changes in Application Server interfaces or functions, for example, could require upgraded versions of components upon which Application Server depends. The need to upgrade such components depends upon the specific upgrade path.

Application Server has dependencies on the following Java ES components: