Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Update 1 Upgrade Guide for Microsoft Windows

Overview of Web Proxy Server Upgrade

The following sections describe general aspects of Web Proxy Server that affect upgrading to Java ES 5 Update 1 :

About Java ES 5 Web Proxy Server

Release 5U1 Web Proxy Server is a maintenance release that fixes bugs in Release 5 Web Proxy Server. Release 5 Web Proxy Server, in turn , was a bug-fix release with respect to Release 4.

However, Release 5 Web Proxy Server includes better performance, more scalable architecture, better standards compliance, and a new administration interface as compared to Sun ONE Web Proxy Server 3.6 before its inclusion in the Java Enterprise System software.

Web Proxy Server Upgrade Roadmap

The following table shows the supported Web Proxy Server upgrade paths to Java ES Release 5.

Table 11–1 Upgrade Paths to Java ES Release 5 Update 1: Sun Java System Web Proxy Server 4.0.5

Java ES Release 

Web Proxy Server Relase 

General Approach 

Reconfiguration Required 

Release 5 

Sun Java System Web Proxy Server 4.0.4 

Maintenance upgrade. Apply patches. 


Release 4 

Sun Java System Web Proxy Server 4.0.1 

Upgrade of Web Proxy Server from Release 4 to Release 5U1 is not supported.  


Web Proxy Server Data

The following table shows the type of data that could be impacted by an upgrade of Web Proxy Server software.

Table 11–2 Web Proxy Server Data Usage

Type of Data 



Configuration data 


This directory contains files, such as server,xml, magnus.conf, and obj.conf

Stores configuration information for the server, cache, filters, routing, and other functional aspects of Web Proxy Server 

Web Proxy Server Compatibility Issues

Release 5U1 Web Proxy Server does not introduce any new public interfaces and is backwardly compatible with Release 4 and Release 51 Web Proxy Server. Release 5U1 Web Proxy Server is also compatible with release 3.6, except that plug-ins developed using the NSAPI interface supported by release 3.6 must be recompiled with the NSAPI interface supported by Release 5U1.

Web Proxy Server Dependencies

Web Proxy Server has dependencies on the following Java ES components: