Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Update 1 Upgrade Guide for Microsoft Windows

Overview of Service Registry Upgrade

This section describes the following general aspects of Service Registry that impact upgrading to Java ES 5 Update 1 :

About Java ES 5 Update 1 Service Registry

Release 5U1 Service Registry represents a maintenance release that fixes bugs in Release 5 Service Registry. Release 5 Service Registry was a minor feature release with respect to Release 4 Service Registry. It included some improved functionality, updated interfaces, and selected bug fixes.

Service Registry Upgrade Roadmap

The following table shows the supported Service Registry upgrade paths to Java ES 5.

Table 10–1 Upgrade Paths to Java ES 5 Update 1: Sun Java System Service Registry 3.1u1

Java ES Release  

Service Registry Release  

General Approach 


Release 5 

Sun Java System Service Registry 3.1 

Maintenance upgrade. Apply patches. 


Release 4 


Direct upgrade of Service Registry from Release 4 to Release 5U1 is not supported. This upgrade path is supported by first upgrading Release 4 Service Registry to Release 5 Service Registry and then upgrading Release 5 to Release 5U1. The information about upgrading Release 4 to Release 5 is documented in Sun Java ES 5 Upgrade Guide for Microsoft Windows.


Service Registry Data

The following table shows the type of Service Registry data.

Table 10–2 Service Registry Data Usage

Type of Data 



Installation Parameters 


Configuration of Service Registry  

Trusted certificates  


Certificates trusted by Service Registry that are not part of the Application Server installation  

Configuration data  


Configuration of Service Registry instance 

Registry/repository data 


Database and user certificates  

Web interface configuration  


Configuration of web interface 

Service Registry Compatibility Issues

Release 5U1 Service Registry is backwardly compatible with Release 5 Service Registry.

Service Registry Dependencies

Service Registry dependencies on other Java ES components can impact the procedure for upgrading and reconfiguring Service Registry software. Changes in Service Registry interfaces or functions, for example, could require upgraded version of components upon which Service Registry depends. The need to upgrade such components depends upon the specific upgrade path.

Service Registry has dependencies on the following Java ES components: