Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Update 1 Upgrade Guide for Microsoft Windows

Supported Upgrade Paths and Strategies

Your upgrade plan depends on the Java ES release you wish to upgrade to Release 5U1. The following table describes the different upgrade paths to Release 5U1, their characteristics, and the upgrade strategies to be used in performing the upgrade.

Table 1–4 Upgrade Paths and Strategies


Java ES Release 

System Characteristics 

Upgrade Strategies 

Java ES 5 

Release 5 

Java ES 5 Update 1 (Release 5U1) supports a mixture of Release 5 and Release 5U1 product components on a single computer. Interoperability between Release 5 and Release 5U1 components is guaranteed. 

The coexistence of Release 5 and Release 5U1 product components provides for the possibility of selectively upgrading Release 5 product components to Release 5U1 on a single computer within a deployment architecture consisting of multiple computers. 

If any Release 5U1 product component requires support of a Release 5U1 shared component, all shared components on the computer are best synchronized to Release 5U1. 


Release 4 


Direct upgrade from Release 4 to Release 5U1 is not supported. This upgrade path is supported by first upgrading Release 4 to Release 5 and then upgrading Release 5 to Release 5U1. The information about upgrading Release 4 to Release 5 is documented in Sun Java ES 5 Upgrade Guide for Microsoft Windows.