Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Update 1 Upgrade Guide for Microsoft Windows

Pre-Upgrade Tasks

Before you upgrade Directory Proxy Server, perform the tasks described below.

Verify Current Version Information

Verify the current version of Directory Proxy Server before you upgrade.

ProcedureTo Verify Current Version Information

  1. Log in as administrator.

  2. Check the current version of Directory Proxy Server instance.

    DSEE-base\dps6\bin\dpadm.exe -V

  3. Start the new Directory Server Proxy Server instance.

    DSEE-base\dps6\bin\dpadm.exe start instance-path

    dpadm               : 6.0                 [Build information]

Upgrade Directory Proxy Server Dependencies

It is generally recommended that all Java ES components on a computer system (and in a computing environment) be upgraded to Release 5U1. Before upgrading Directory Proxy Server, you need to upgrade CAC, MFWK, SJWC, and Security components (NSS,JSS,NSPR). Also, Directory Proxy Server requires that Windows Installer patch (126910–02) is already applied.