Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Update 1 Upgrade Guide for Microsoft Windows

Overview of Java DB Upgrades

The following sections describe general aspects of Java DB that impact upgrading to Java ES 5 Update 1 (Release 5U1):

About Release 5U1 Java DB

Release 5U1 Java DB is a maintenance release that fixes bugs in Release 5 Java DB and provides some minor enhancements.

Java DB Upgrade Roadmap

The following table shows the supported Java DB upgrade paths to Java ES Release 5U1.

Table 6–1 Upgrade Paths to Java ES 5 Update 1: Java DB 10.2.2

Java ES Release  

Java DB Release  

General Approach 

Reconfiguration Required  

Release 5 

Java DB 

Maintenance upgrade. Apply patches. 


Java DB Data

The following table shows the type of data that could be impacted by an upgrade of Java DB software.

Table 6–2 Java DB Data Usage

Type of Data 



Configuration data 

Instance configuration is application-specific and is stored in the Java DB database. 

Configuration of Java DB instance 

Persistent data 

Database directories and their contents are application-specific. Their location is specified by the database connection URL, jdbc:derby:full path to database.

Database and user certificates 

Java DB Compatibility Issues

Release 5U1 Java DB is backwardly compatible with the Release 5 version.

Java DB Dependencies

Java DB has dependency only on the J2SE shared component (see Table 1–8)