Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Update 1 Upgrade Guide for Microsoft Windows

General Approach

In the case of maintenance upgrades of product components within a Java ES release family, shared components do not have to be synchronized to the same release version. If you perform a maintenance upgrade of a product component, you only need to upgrade those shared components upon which that product component has hard upgrade dependencies.

You can patch the selected shared components to satisfy Release 5U1 hard upgrade dependencies. See Table 1–8.

Following are the shared components which have Java ES 5 Update 1 versions:

Table 2–1 Patches to Upgrade Shared Components on Windows


Patch ID [Patch revision numbers are the minimum required for upgrade to Release 5U1. If newer revisions become available, use the newer ones instead of those shown in the table.]

MFWK (Sun Java Monitoring Framework) 


JDMK (Java Dynamic Management Kit) 


NSS, JSS, NSPR (Network Security Services, Java Security Services, Netscape Portable Runtime) 



SJWC (Sun Java Web Console) 


CAC runtime (Common Agent Container) 


CAC webserver 


CAC monitoring