Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Update 1 Upgrade Guide for Microsoft Windows

Identifying and Stopping Processes to Avoid System Restart

The Java ES 5 Update 1 Windows patching system requires a system restart if any of the delivered and updated shared component DLLs are in use by another application. There are various tools that can be used to find if any files related to Java ES are in use by other processes. You can stop those processes before applying the patch so that the patch installation can be completed without a system restart.

The following sections describe some of the tools.

ListDLLs and Process Explorer

ListDLLs is a command line tool . ListDLLs provides a list of DLLs that are in use and also their path. The list indicates which DLLs have a version different from their original version on the disk (such DLLs are flagged in the list). The path column in the list shows which DLLs are relocated.

ListDLLs can be downloaded from:

Process Explorer is the GUI version of the ListDLLs program.

Process Explorer can be downloaded from:

Checking the version of DLLs

To get the basic version information of DLLs, use the tool GetVers.exe .

You can download GetVers.exe from:

To get a more informative version information of DLLs, use the tool ShowVer.exe.

You can download ShowVer.exe from: