Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Update 1 Upgrade Guide for Microsoft Windows

About Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Directory Server, Directory Proxy Server, and Directory Services Control Center (DSCC) are three components of Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSEE). The three components can be installed together on the same system or separately on different systems.

In a deployment scenario in which Directory Server, Directory Proxy Server and Directory Server Control Center are installed on the same system, you cannot upgrade any one component without upgrading the other two. When you apply the DSEE patch to upgrade any of the components, all three are automatically upgraded.

In a deployment scenario in which the three components are installed separately on different systems, you must apply the patch individually on each of the systems to upgrade the components.

On the system running DSCC, DSCC is using a specific Directory Server instance also named DSCC Registry. This instance of Directory Server stores the DSCC configuration data. When upgrading DSCC you must stop this instance. The command to identify the instance is:

DSEE-base\dscc6\bin\dsccsetup.exe status

The output will contain the path of the DSCC Registry. During the upgrade procedure described in this chapter, when you are asked to stop the running instances, you must stop the DSCC registry too.

Execute the command DSEE-base\dscc6\bin\dsccsetup.exe stop instancePath to stop the instance.