Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Update 1 Upgrade Guide for Microsoft Windows

Java ES Release Families

A Java ES release family consists of a feature release and its associated maintenance release as illustrated in the following figure.

Figure 1–1 Java ES Release Family

This figure illustrates the releases that are part of
the Java ES release family.

A Java ES feature release initiates a release family, and a number of subsequent maintenance releases (called Java ES update releases) provide distributions that periodically consolidate intervening component update and point-fix releases. These individual component maintenance releases are independently collected in a Java ES accumulated patch cluster.

The maintenance aspect of the Java ES release model is represented by both the Java ES update release and the Java ES accumulated patch cluster, described as follows:

The significance of the Java ES release model, from an upgrade point of view, is that an upgrade from one Java ES release family to another (a feature upgrade) involves significant impact and risk, and requires a more complex upgrade plan, as compared to an upgrade within a release family (a maintenance upgrade).