Deployment Example: Deploying and Customizing the Documentum Portlet

Portlet Refresh

You can enable a refresh link in your portlet UI by implementing an onRefreshData() method in your portlet component class. You must then register your portlet in file located in WEB-INF/classes/com/documentum/web/env directory

A refresh link will be generated for your portlet.

Note –

The inherited onRefreshData() method is not sufficient to generate a Refresh link. Your component class must explicitly override onRefreshData().

Example 7–1 Refreshing data in a portlet component

The following example from the MyObjects class refreshes data when the user clicks on the Refresh link.

public void onRefreshData()
	// force refresh on dataproviders
	MYOBJECTS_GRID, Datagrid.class)).getDataProvider().refresh();