Deployment Example: Deploying and Customizing the Documentum Portlet

Overview of Integrating an LDAP Directory Server with a Repository

When you add an LDAP directory server to an existing Documentum installation, the users and groups defined in the LDAP directory server are given precedence. If a user or group entry in the LDAP directory server matches a user or group in the repository, the repository information is overwritten by the information in the LDAP directory server when the dm_LDAPSynchronization job executes.

All users in a repository must have three required attributes set. The attributes are user_name, user_login_name, and user_address. Users defined in the LDAP directory server must have LDAP attributes that can be mapped to these attributes. The LDAP configuration set up provides mapped defaults for the required repository attributes or you can define custom mappings. Refer to the Documentum Administrator online help for instructions.

If your LDAP directory server is Active Directory, user_name must be mapped to either a common name (CN) or a display name. If user_name is not mapped to either a CN or display name, the repository inactivation operation does not function properly for the users.

Please refer to Documentum Content Server 5.3 SP1 Administrating Guide to implement LDAP Directory Server.