Deployment Example: Deploying and Customizing the Documentum Portlet

ProcedureConfiguring Portal Server

Perform the steps in this section on Portal Server.

  1. Download the portal WAR file from EMC download site.

    You must download the following portlets. To download, , login to using your DCTM download credentials. On the left hand menu, click on Product Search and enter the following phrases each time to search for the corresponding portlets.

    • Documentum Web Development Kit for Portlets for Solaris, Version 5.3 SP4

    • Documentum Web Publisher Portlets for Solaris, Version 5.3 SP1

    • Documentum ECI Portlet, Version 5.3

    • Documentum eRoom (Version 7) Portlets

  2. Create a directory and save the Web Development Kit for Portlets WAR file in this directory.

  3. Expand the WAR file.

    Use the jar command from JDK1.4.x. For example, type jar -xvf wdkforportlets.war.

  4. Change ServletContextKeywords_sunportal in the WEB-INF/classes/com/documentum/web/env/ file to include Sun-Java-System/Application-Server.

    For example:

  5. Change the PortalDescription and PortalVersion values in the WEB-INF/classes/com/documentum/web/env/sun/ file.

    For example:

    PortalDescription=Sun Java System Portal Server
  6. From the top directory (created in Step 2) that contains the WAR file, create the WAR file that's ready for deployment.

    For example, type:

    rm wdkforportlets.war
    jar -cvf wdkforportlets.war *

    Note –

    If you plan to configure authentication, perform this step after configuring authentication.