Deployment Example: Deploying and Customizing the Documentum Portlet

ProcedureConfiguring ECIS portlets

  1. Open $DOCUMENTUM/config/ file and add the following lines:<eci_server_hostname><eci_server_RMI_portnumber_default_3005><username_defautl_guest><password_defautl_guest_password_askonce>
  2. Create a directory, save the WAR file into this directory, and expand the WAR file.

    Use the jar command from JDK1.4.x: For example, type jar -xvf eciPortlet.war.

  3. Open WEB-INF/web.xml file and change RMI_REGISTRY_HOST and RMI_REGISTRY_PORT.

    	<description>The name of the RMI server</description>
    	<description>The port for the RMI server</description>
  4. Copy the WEB-INF/lib/dlcc.jar file to <AppServer_Base_Dir>/appserver/lib directory.

  5. Copy the following configuration file from ECI_Server to portal server.

  6. From the top directory that contains the WAR file, create the WAR file that's ready for deployment.

    For example, type the following:

    rm eciPortlet.war
    jar -cvf eciPortlet.war *