Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Guide for Microsoft Internet Information Services 5.0

Setting the Fully Qualified Domain Name

To ensure appropriate user experience, it is necessary that the users access resources protected by the web agent using valid URLs. The configuration property provides the necessary information needed by the web agent to identify if the user is using a valid URL to access the protected resource. If the web agent determines that the incoming request does not have a valid hostname in the URL, it redirects the user to the corresponding URL with a valid hostname. The difference between the redirect URL and the URL originally used by the user is only the hostname, which is changed by the web agent to a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) as per the value specified in this property.

This is a required configuration property without which the deployment container may not start up correctly. This property is set during the web agent installation and must not be modified unless absolutely necessary to accommodate deployment requirements. An invalid value for this property can result in the deployment container becoming unusable or the resources becoming inaccessible.

The property provides another way by which the web agent can resolve partial or malformed access URLs and take corrective action. The web agent gives precedence to the entries defined in this property over the value defined in the property. If none of the entries in this property matches the hostname specified in the user request, the agent uses the value specified for property.

The property can be used for creating a mapping for more than one hostname. This may be the case when the deployment container protected by this agent is accessible by more than one hostname. However, this feature must be used with caution as it can lead to the deployment container resources becoming inaccessible.

This property can also be used to override the behavior of the web agent in cases where necessary. The format for specifying the property is: = [invalid_hostname|valid_hostname][,...]


invalid_hostname is a possible invalid hostname such as partial hostname or an IP address that the user may provide .

valid_hostname is the corresponding valid hostname that is fully qualified. For example, the following is a possible value specified for hostname = xyz|, xyz.domain1|

This value maps xyz and xyz.domain1 to the FQDN

This property can also be used in such a way that the web agent uses the name specified in this map instead of the deployment container’s actual name.

If you want your server to be addressed as whereas the actual name of the server is The browser only knows and you have specified policies using in the Access Manager Console. In this file, set the mapping as = valid|