Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Guide for Microsoft Internet Information Services 5.0

Disabling a Web Agent in Policy Agent 2.2

In certain situations, you might want to disable a web agent temporarily. You can disable this web agent in two ways. The first method applies to all web agents. The second method is more specific to this particular web agent. Furthermore, the second method requires you to remove the mapping. If you choose this method, and you later want to enable the agent, you need to add the mapping again.

ProcedureTo Disable a Web Agent in Policy Agent 2.2

This task requires you to reset the property that controls the not-enforced URI list in the web agent configuration file.
  1. Reset the value of this property to the asterisk, “*,” as follows: = *
  2. Restart Microsoft IIS 5.0.

ProcedureTo Disable Agent for Microsoft IIS 5.0

  1. Issue the following command:

    PolicyAgent-base\iis\bin\IISadmin.vbs -a REMOVEFILTER -f AccessManagerAgent

    where PolicyAgent-base represents the directory in which the web agent was originally installed. The following is an example of how the command would appear with the PolicyAgent-base place holder replaced with the default installation directory:

    c:\Sun\Access_Manager\Agents\2.2\iis\bin\IISadmin.vbs -a 
    REMOVEFILTER -f AccessManagerAgent