Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Guide for IBM WebSphere Portal Server

Implications of Specific Deployment Scenarios in Agent for IBM WebSphere Portal Server

The following sections refer to specific deployment scenarios involving Policy Agent 2.2 for IBM WebSphere Portal Server These scenarios are likely to affect how you respond to prompts during the installation process. You might also be required to perform additional configurations.

Installing a J2EE Agent on Multiple IBM WebSphere Portal Server Instances

Once a J2EE agent is installed for a particular IBM WebSphere Portal Server instance, you can install the agent on another instance on the same machine by running the agentadmin --install command. Once prompted to enter the appropriate server instance name, enter the server configuration directory and unique instance name that will enable the agent to distinguish the first instance from consecutive instances.

Installing Agent for IBM WebSphere Portal Server on the Access Manager Host

If a J2EE agent and Access Manager are collocated on the same container, enter true for the following question:

Enter true if the Agent is being installed on the same instance of Application
Server on which Access Manager is deployed. Enter false if that is not the
[ ? : Help, < : Back, ! : Exit ]
Are the Agent and Access Manager installed on the same instance of
Application Server ? [false]: true

In this case, the agentadmin program will make the necessary changes to install and configure the agent on the same IBM WebSphere Portal Server instance that hosts Access Manager.

However, this deployment scenario changes the agent configuration in a manner that requires your attention. For details, see Combining J2EE Agents With Access Manager.