TABLE 1-1 medium spaceSun StorageTek Common Array Manager Installation Checklist

TABLE 2-1 medium spaceInstallation Space Requirements

TABLE 2-2 medium spaceWindows Service Pack Requirements

TABLE 2-3 medium spaceSolaris Software File Locations

TABLE 2-4 medium spaceLinux Software File Locations

TABLE 2-5 medium spaceWindows Software File Locations

TABLE 2-6 medium spaceCommon Array Manager Software Installation Commands

TABLE 3-1 medium spaceUser Names and User Roles

TABLE 3-2 medium spaceEvent Information Collected by ARS

TABLE 3-3 medium spaceFields and Buttons on the Auto Service Request Page

TABLE 5-1 medium spaceAn Example of Predefined Storage Profiles

TABLE A-1 medium spaceSun Configuration Worksheet

TABLE A-2 medium spaceSun Data Host Information

TABLE B-1 medium spaceIP Addressing Configuration Tasks

TABLE C-1 medium spaceContents of the Banner

TABLE C-2 medium spaceTable Objects

TABLE C-3 medium spaceStatus Icons

TABLE C-4 medium spaceForm Controls

TABLE C-5 medium spaceHelp Tabs