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iPlanet Web Server, Enterprise Edition Programmer's Guide

About This Book

This book is a starting point for developers who need information about using the various APIs and programming technologies that are supported by iPlanetTM Web Server, Enterprise Edition 6.0.

This book summarizes each of the APIs and programming technologies, and tells you where to find more information. In general, each API or programming technology is documented in a separate programmer's guide, with the exception of the API for defining customized server-parsed tags, which is discussed in Chapter 3 "Server-Parsed HTML Tags" in this book.

This book has the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1 "Overview"

    This chapter discusses the changes in the APIs that are provided with the server from version 3.x to 6.0. It also summarizes the various APIs and programming technologies supported by the server and tells you where to look for more information.

  • Chapter 2 "Configuration Files"

    This chapter summarizes the configuration files that the iPlanet Web Server uses.

  • Chapter 3 "Server-Parsed HTML Tags"

    This chapter discusses how to use server-parsed tags, lists the standard ones, and explains how to define your own.

  • Appendix A "Configuration Changes Between iWS 4.x and 6.0"

    This appendix summarizes the configuration file changes since iPlanet Web Server 4.x.

    Note Throughout this manual, all Unix-specific descriptions apply to the Linux operating system as well, except where Linux is specifically mentioned.

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