Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Schema Migration Guide

Schema 2, Compatibility Mode

If you are running applications (such as provisioning scripts or tools) developed at your site that rely on Schema 1, and it is not a trivial task to convert the applications to use Schema 2, you can choose to migrate to Schema 2, compatibility mode, as a first step before you migrate to Schema 2, native mode.

Schema 2, compatibility mode, retains the two-tree structure of Schema 1.

The Messaging and Calendar servers, and your own user-developed applications, continue to access the LDAP directory exactly as they did in Schema 1:

From the perspective of the Messaging and Calendar servers and user-developed applications, Schema 1 is still in place.

At the same time, Schema 2, compatibility mode, enables you to use the Delegated Administrator console and utility (commadmin) and Access Manager features such as single sign-on (SSO). During the migration to Schema 2, compatibility mode, Access Manager object classes, attributes, and ACIs are added to the appropriate nodes in the Organization Tree.