Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Schema Migration Guide

commdirmig Mandatory Options

Migration Type

commdirmig can migrate the LDAP directory directly to Schema 2, native mode, or through the intermediate stage—Schema 2, compatibility mode.

Use the -t option to specify the current schema version and mode (before the migration begins) and the version and mode to which commdirmig will migrate the schema. The -t option takes one of the following arguments:

-t is a required option.

Directory Server Access

During the migration, commdirmig updates Directory Server schema and configuration data for Schema 2 (compatibility or native mode).

Use the following options to specify the information commdirmig needs to gain access to the Directory Server:

-D, -w, -X, -p, -b, and -r are required options.

When you run commdirmig for the first time, the -X, -p, -b, and -r options are saved in a configuration file, When you run commdirmig again, it uses the option values stored in the configuration file. For details, see commdirmig Configuration File.