Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Schema Migration Guide

Configuring Calendar Server for Compatibility Mode

If you are migrating to Schema 2, compatibility mode, set the local.schemaversion value to 1.

In Schema 2, compatibility mode, the Messaging and Calendar servers continue to use the schema exactly as they did in Schema 1. The servers use the DC Tree to access the correct nodes in the Organization Tree. They use an RFC 2247-compliant search algorithm to look up user entries. From the Messaging and Calendar servers’ perspective, Schema 1 is still in place.

At the same time, Schema 2, compatibility mode enables you to use Access Manager features such as the commadmin utility or single sign-on (SSO). During the migration to Schema 2, compatibility mode, Access Manager object classes, attributes, and ACIs are added to the appropriate nodes in the Organization Tree.