Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Schema Migration Guide

ProcedureTo Migrate LDAP Directory Data to Schema 2

  1. Upgrade Messaging Server and Calendar Server to version 6.

  2. Install Access Manager 6.1 or later and Delegated Administrator (commadmin).

  3. Back up your LDAP directory data.

  4. Migrate the LDAP directory data to Schema 2. Use the commdirmig utility to perform the migration of the schema object classes & attributes.

  5. Configure Messaging Server and Calendar Server to use Schema 2, native mode.

  6. Verify that the following processes are functioning properly:

    • The servers are working with the migrated schema

    • Provisioning can take place successfully

  7. Remove the DC Tree (the defunct Schema 1 directory elements). This step is optional.