Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

1.9 Configuring Messenger Express and Communications Express Mail Filters

Mail filters are accessible through Messenger Express and Communications Express. There is no need to deploy the .war file if you use only Communications Express, but to deploy the mail filters within Messenger Express you need to issue the following commands:

If you’re using Web Server as your web container :

# cd web_svr_base/bin/https/httpadmin/bin
# ./wdeploy deploy -u /MailFilter -i https-srvr_instance \
-v https-virtual_srvr_instance msg_svr_base/SUNWmsgmf/MailFilter.war

If using Application Server as your Web container :

# cd app_svr_base/sbin
# ./asadmin
asadmin> deploy --user admin msg_svr_base/SUNWmsgmf/MailFilter.war

In both cases, set the following configutil parameter and restart mshttpd:

# cd msg_svr_base/sbin
# ./configutil -o "local.webmail.sieve.port" \
-v "WS_port_no|AS_port_no" 
# ./stop-msg http
# ./start-msg http

Information on mail filters for end-users is available in the Messenger Express and Communications Express online help files.