Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

4.11 Setting a Failover LDAP Server

It is possible to specify more than one LDAP server for the user/group directory so that if one fails another takes over:

ProcedureTo Set a Failover LDAP Server

  1. Set local.ugldaphost to the multiple LDAP machines. Example:

    configutil -o local.ugldaphost -v "server1 server2 ..."

  2. Set local.ugldapuselocal to yes. This specifies that the user/group LDAP configuration data will be stored in the local configuration file. Otherwise, it is stored in LDAP. Example:

    configutil -o local.ugldapuselocal -v yes

    If the

    first server on the list fails, the existing LDAP connections will get recognized as down and new connections will be made. When a new LDAP connection is needed, the LDAP library will try all the LDAP servers in the order they’re listed.